Some Truths can only be told thru fiction

What if this were true?

1. The U.S. government uses drug trafficking to shore up money flow through the banking system. Mexican cartels are branches of Homeland Security.

2. There aren’t any real terrorists. but there are FBI agents whose performance evaluations depend on catching some, so they set up some hapless schmuck to take the fall. They plan an attack, find some mental defective loser to repeat what they tell him in the hope they will give him some money, and then announce in the news they’ve caught a terrorist so we can all rest easy.

3. NSA snooping has been going on since computers were invented. All your electronic comms are stored in a Big Database in the Sky, where Tom Cruise gets some Minority Report psychics to predict pre-crimes, and then you are targeted for a setup. But only if you make noise and cause trouble. Like join the Occupy movement, or tweet “Free Bradley Manning.”

4. Barack Obama is the Manchurian candidate. Martial law will be fully implemented before his term is up. And then the next President will inherit it.

5. The next President has already been chosen. And voters are just the manipulated masses, busily rooting for revenge against George Zimmerman instead of demanding that the Bradley Manning trial be covered by MainStream Media (MSM.)  As Edward R Murrow said, A nation of sheep will inevitably result in a government of wolves.

There’s plenty of non-fiction evidence for each of these statements.  There are plenty of books and papers and blogs written to support them. But most people don’t hear it or read it or believe it.  I worked for defense contractors, writing software, for many years. I started writing software in 1968, in assembler.

That’s why I write fiction. Because people are more likely to believe it.

Read Copper Hollow, and  tell your friends to read it. So they can believe.

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