This is Money Series Part 9 in Mom and Dad Normal learn about money. “What economic system  is sustainable?” Mom Normal asks her daughter, Sue B. Normal. “The world as a whole is sustainable.” Sue answers. “If you look at history, what happens? Empires rise. Macedonia, China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Great Britain, and now the […]

Part 8 in the Money Series: Mom and Dad Normal learn about the debt ceiling   Dad Normal has done a lot of thinking about what Sue and Abe have taught him. He corners Sue at the breakfast table, where she is gathering up her books to get to her teaching job at the middle […]

This is Part 7 in the Mom and Dad Normal learn about Money Series “That would solve it, wouldn’t it” Dad asked. “Solve what?” Said Sue. “The U S Debt crisis.  We wouldn’t have to worry about inflation destroying our savings, if we all bought gold,” answered Dad. Sue’s brother, Abe, heard this and added […]

Part 6 in the Money Series Mom and Dad Normal settled into their living room with a bowl of popcorn. Their daughter, Sue B. Normal would be home from her school teacher job soon.  She and their son, Abe Normal, promised to explain to them how YouTube protected them from becoming wards of the state, […]

 Part 5 in the Money Series   “So let me get this straight,” Dad Normal said.  “The U.S. Dollar is not backed by gold, but it is backed by oil, is that what you’re saying?” “In the sense that you mostly have to have U.S. Dollars to buy oil,” said his schoolteacher daughter, Sue. “All […]

This is Part 4 in the Money Series. “I’m really glad America was able to help everybody in the world get back on their feet after World War II,” Mom Normal said to her family. “That was a great thing, that we agreed to keep everybody’s gold safe for them, so they wouldn’t have to […]

Part 3 of the Money Series. “Sue,” said Mom Normal. “I don’t  understand why anybody would loan America money in exchange for empty air.  That doesn’t make sense.” “You’re right, Mom,” said Sue. “It’s completely, unbelievably simple-minded.  But the whole world is doing it.  Everybody in the world uses the Dollar as their reserve currency. […]