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Part 3 of the Tempest Illusion. Read free now.

Part 3 of the Tempest Illusion Hilversum, Holland Sometime the week before   Viktor Meester and Anton Lejuyt, both executives with the Dutch electronics company, N.V. Ampoor, met with Bruce Kelly and Kate Black of the U.S. defense research company, Clemens Micronics.  The conference room, furnished in heavy mahogany and dark blue velour, exuded the […]

The Tempest Illusion Part 2: Read free now

Part 2 of The Tempest Illusion by F T Moore   The California mountains, north of Malibu 1996: A Time unlike Today   Chauncey Harrington Kiernan — Chance, as he was called — pulled on his jogging shoes and re-wrapped the bandage he wore continually around his right knee.  The sun peered over the hills […]

The Tempest Illusion: Prequel to Copper Hollow sneak peek

And here it is: The Tempest Illusion 1996  The Beginning   The Tempest Illusion By F T Moore “Because some Truths can only be told through fiction”     Chapter 1 Along the Southwestern Border of Guatemala: A Shadowy Time in the Past   The assassin lay motionless in the thick, wet foliage, teasing the […]