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Sustainable living: what happens when the global economy collapses?

This is Part 12 of the Money Series: What can Mom and Dad Normal do to protect their family from the FEMA Camps?  In the collapsing global economy, when the debt ceiling stops rising and the banksters shut down the  middle class, how can America’s civilization continue? Sue B. Normal pulled out her flipcharts again.  […]

How to prepare for the collapse of the global economy

This is part 11 of the Mom and Dad Normal learn about money series “Abe,” said Sue, “Let’s see if you can figure this out.  It’s about our generation. You and me.  First, can the U S Government stop the Dollar from taking a big fall?” Abe was ready.  He’d studied all about this on […]

Voodoo Economics and the Federal Reserve Bank Ponzi scheme

This is Part 10 in the Money Series: Mom and Dad Normal learn about the debt ceiling “So as we’ve explained,” said Sue.  “If nothing changes, the U S must remain in ever-increasing debt, to keep the Ponzi scheme from collapsing. That means more and more money has to be printed by the Federal Reserve.  […]

The debt ceiling ends on the floor of the stock exchange, Grasshopper.

 This is Money Series Part 9 in Mom and Dad Normal learn about money. “What economic system  is sustainable?” Mom Normal asks her daughter, Sue B. Normal. “The world as a whole is sustainable.” Sue answers. “If you look at history, what happens? Empires rise. Macedonia, China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Great Britain, and now the […]

How high can the debt ceiling go? Mom and Dad Normal learn about money Part 8

Part 8 in the Money Series: Mom and Dad Normal learn about the debt ceiling   Dad Normal has done a lot of thinking about what Sue and Abe have taught him. He corners Sue at the breakfast table, where she is gathering up her books to get to her teaching job at the middle […]

What if we all bought gold? BabyBoomers hit the debt ceiling

This is Part 7 in the Mom and Dad Normal learn about Money Series “That would solve it, wouldn’t it” Dad asked. “Solve what?” Said Sue. “The U S Debt crisis.  We wouldn’t have to worry about inflation destroying our savings, if we all bought gold,” answered Dad. Sue’s brother, Abe, heard this and added […]

How the Banksters Stole the Global Economy

Part 6 in the Money Series Mom and Dad Normal settled into their living room with a bowl of popcorn. Their daughter, Sue B. Normal would be home from her school teacher job soon.  She and their son, Abe Normal, promised to explain to them how YouTube protected them from becoming wards of the state, […]