Sustainable living: what happens when the global economy collapses?

This is Part 12 of the Money Series: What can Mom and Dad Normal do to protect their family from the FEMA Camps?  In the collapsing global economy, when the debt ceiling stops rising and the banksters shut down the  middle class, how can America’s civilization continue?

What happens when the American dream collapses?

What happens when the American dream collapses?

Sue B. Normal pulled out her flipcharts again.  She showed the family her outline plan to get them prepared for the collapse of the global economy.  She said, “Here are some of the things we, as a family, would have to consider if we wanted to prepare for the collapse of the US economy.”



Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse

A Handbook for Living in a Post-Consumer World

  1. Look out for the Zombies:  Scenarios for America’s Future
  2. Shelter:  heating, sleeping arrangements, money and budgets
  3. Water
  4. Transportation
  5. Communication and Community
  6. Energy:  gas, oil, solar, wind
  7. Self-defense
  8. Storing, growing, and procuring food
    1. Hunting and fishing
    2. Sourcing meats
    3. Pantry storage
    4. Gardening
    5. Saving seeds
    6. Composting
    7. Canning
    8. Dehydrating
    9. Vacuum packing and freezing
    10. Root cellaring
    11. Smoking and butchering
    12. Cooking
    13. Raising chickens
    14. Raising a dairy cow
    15. Cleaning and laundry
    16. First aid and medicines
    17. Choosing a job for a village economy
    18. Village money:  local currency and finding your tribe
    19. Relationships and stress relief
    20. Finding the silver lining


“Holy Mind-blow, Batman,”said Abe. “That is too far out.  Too  much.  Not possible. Can’t do it.”

“You know, Dear,” Mom said to Sue, “we don’t even believe you.  You’re a conspiracy theorist.  The United States of America is Exceptional.  We don’t have to be worried about these things.”

“Absolutely, Sue,”  added Dad. “You’ve got to settle down and find a husband. You’re going too far over the edge with these conspiracy theories.”

“Okay, folks. I know how you feel,”  said Sue.  “It would be pretty awful to have to change the way we live.  I guess you’re right.  We should ignore all this stuff about the Spoon Cartel, and the NSA Spying, and the FEMA Camps, and the Homeland Security drones preparing for martial law.  We should just wait until it happens, and then line up to get on the buses to take us to the Holding Cages.   I mean, the FEMA Camps that will protect us from ourselves. You’re right.  It’s too hard to do anything else.”

“Damn straight,” said Abe.

“You know what I’m going to do,” said Dad.  “I’m going to forget all about this and go read a book.”

“Perfect idea” said Mom.  “I’ll read it, too.  What should we read?”

“I have a suggestion,” offered Sue.  “Why don’t we all read The Tempest Illusion, by F T Moore?”

“That’s not an economics book is it?” Dad asked.

“No,” Sue laughed.  “It’s a thriller.  Fun reading. Give it a try. It will take your mind off heavy stuff like the Federal Reserve bank and the Spoon Cartel. Not a word in it about the CIA working for the Spoon Cartel instead of the Tribal Chief.”

“Nothing in it about the Assassination Team that roamed South America and killed despots?”

“No, no.  Not a word about the Middle East, or the Russian gas pipelines. Nothing whatever about the Saudi King who went into a coma, lost all his vital organs, and then mysteriously came back to life and was quoted giving advice about Egypt.”

“Nothing at all about the Syrian chemical weapons that came from Libya via the Benghazi CIA Station?”

“Nada,” said Sue. “Just your standard, fun thriller. Full of murder, explosions, chases, and lots of sex. Nothing whatever that requires a calculator.”

“If there’s nothing in it that’s good for me, then I say, let’s give it a try,” added Abe.

Next: The Tempest Illusion, Chapter 1.


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