US Kills 28 Yemenis in 8 days through drone strikes #Drones

Mom Normal poured her second cup of coffee and spoke to Dad across the kitchen table.  “Can you believe that Obama cancelled his meeting with Putin over that Snowden kid?” Mom said.

“No,” said Dad. “I can’t believe it.  First, Obama told Jay Leno that there was no NSA spying. Then, he cancelled an important meeting toward Russian-USA relationships because Russia gave asylum to somebody who revealed that there was NSA spying.  So either he was lying when he said there was no spying, or he’s overzealously throwing a tantrum over somebody who did something unimportant.  Which is it?”

“Wow,” their son Abe said, coming up from his basement apartment and taking a place at the breakfast table.  “Did you know we killed over twenty Yemenis’ this week? With drones?”

“I’m sure they were all bad guys,” Mom offered, getting up to get Abe some orange juice.

“Nah,” Abe answered, reaching for a piece of toast.  “I don’t think the bus of school children were.”

“But they would have grown up to be,” Dad grunted, from behind his Washington Post.

“Only the boys,” countered Mom.

Abe picked up his iPad and read:  “US counts all military-age males as enemy combatants.”

“I guess you’re right, Mom,” he added. “The United States of America can declare all males between the age of 18 and 35, who live in any specific region, terrorists, and just kill them and anybody standing nearby.  Whoa.  I hope no other country gets drones and decides to do that to us.”

29 Dead in 8 Days as US Puts Drone War in Overdrive



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