Why Liars Sound Sincere #NSA #Feinstein “A Mom and Dad Normal Epic”

Senator Diane Feinstein is not worried about the NSA surveillance of Americans.  Why? Because, she says, only 22 people have the authority to search that Big Database.  She says this, of course, because her staff looked into it, and told her this was true.

I had a staff once.  But I didn’t just believe what they said, because when the software had to go live, a result had to actually occur.  In a Senator’s case, nothing like an objective result ever happens.  So it doesn’t occur to Senator Feinstein to make a quick query on the Linked In network and check to see how many people list the skill: XKEYSCORE on their resumes.  Yeah, maybe those hundreds of people didn’ t have the authority to search the Big Database, maybe.  But why train so many if they can’t use it?

Now, General Keith Alexander is the head of the NSA, right? So when he goes to speak at a conference, and he tells the hackers at that conference that “If you don’t like what’s going on, you can change it,” they’re going to applaud that sentiment, aren’t they?  Wow, I would.  If I were 25 years old.  But I’m a lot older than that, so I would hear that statement differently.

Instead of hearing: “You can change the system from within,” which is what I suspect those who applauded Gen. Alexander at the hacker conference heard,  I would hear: “You can accomplish our goals in a different way.”   I would hear :”if you don’t like us keeping a big database with all Americans communications in it, you can build a whole bunch of smaller, linked databases, that no one will ever suspect, and that would never be found out and exposed.”

So I wouldn’t be applauding.

Liars usually do their best work when they believe what they are saying.  When they have convinced themselves that they are telling the truth.  I believe that Senator Feinstein and General Alexander believe that what they say is true.

If a lie falls in the forest and there is no one to call it, does it make a sound?

Well, yes, apparently it makes this sound, recorded and affirmed by journalist #DougHagmann:

Quote from http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/55649

“Subsequent to the telephone conversation that concluded at 12:06:17, your affiant replaced the receiver on the telephone. At that moment, the telephone emitted a short ring, perhaps best described as a muffled ring or a “chirp.“Initially, your affiant believed it to be a simple ring-back, much like those occasionally experienced during the course of otherwise normal telephone use. It is important to note, however, that the sound made by the telephone did not have that same characteristics as a ring back.

Curious because of the ring tone, your affiant looked at the caller ID displayed and was startled to see the following on the telephone caller ID screen:“UT NSA DATA REC CTR.”Your affiant immediate muted the telephone and picked up the receiver, hearing the following message in a male voice:

  • ”…your notification that the Utah NSA Data Recording Center successfully captured this landline communication under file # [I was unable to copy the numbers as they were spoken quickly]. Refer to senior duty officer for access code under file #[this appeared to be a different alpha-numeric sequence].”

It should be noted that your affiant copied the wording of the verbal message by hand onto a stenographer’s notebook kept by the telephone. No mechanical recording devices were accessible at this time. After the final number was spoken, your affiant heard a distinct “click” on the line, followed by silence. Interestingly, the caller ID information completely disappeared from the telephone at the instant of the “click.”


The only purpose of keeping a Big Database is to selectively target.  Selective targeting tends to select dissidents.  A free nation has a right to have dissident citizens.  American citizens have nothing to hide.  And you, Gen Alexander, have no right to know that.

Good grief, man, the input form that says “justification” is a DROP DOWN MENU!!!!!



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  1. When a lie is told often enough, it becomes a truism. When the truth exposes the lie, it’s called a lie. The war on terrorism is a lie. The truth tellers are called traitors. This is the basis for the perceived treason of Manning, Snowden and Assange. Strip away all the rhetorics from the liars, who believe their truisms and the truth is just that simple-the war on terrorism is a lie. The methods used to continue this lie is our lose of freedom, the erosion of our constitution-another simple truth.

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