Mom and Dad Normal move to Bathtub Falls #NSA #Snowden

Subtitle: How the apathy of middle America is allowing our nation to become a police state.

“Bathtub Falls kill more people than terrorists, but we don’t turn our country into a police state to stop them,” paraphrased and misquoted from Edward Snowden, but you get the idea.

Mom and Dad Normal were watching the tv show Longmire a few nights ago, and the plot was this:

A Cherokee tribe was upset because some energy company was doing gas fracking on their land, and it was causing their water to catch fire.  One man’s house exploded while his brother was taking a shower, killing his brother.  So the Cherokees came out with protest signs against gas fracking.  During the protest, the man whose house burned down jumped on top of a truck to talk to the crowd.

This caused damage to the truck, which was owned by the gas fracking company.

The gas fracking company called the FBI, who showed up to arrest the man whose house burned down and charge him with “domestic terrorism.”

The plot continued in another direction, with no more discussion of the absolute horror of living in a country where the protestors are called terrorists and treated as if they have no rights under the constitution.

What is this, a de-sensitization program?  Are we going to see examples on TV now, of how one should expect to be sent to Guantanamo Bay, should one object to the actions of a corporation?

As long as Mom and Dad Normal stay asleep, and learn to accept their fate, the abusive behavior of a government which is turning against its own constitution will continue.  It is only when the Normals wake up that any of this can be stopped and set back to The Way America Was.


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