When Jack-Booted Thugs Wear Badges #NSA

Diagram of a social network, wiki commons

Diagram of a social network, wiki commons

This is the third post in the series:” Mom and Dad Normal learn they’re on the NSA List of possible foreign intelligence agents.”

Here’s the summary of what we learned to date:

1. There is a Big Database in Utah, which has all the history of who you called, and who called or emailed you, for at least ten years, and it will continue to collect that data.

2. The chances are good that, for at least part of that time, the content of some of your calls and emails may also be in that database. Or one that references it.

3. You have nothing to hide. But, alas, that does not mean you have nothing to fear.  Why is that?

Let’s assume that you are Mom and Dad Normal. Newly awakening to life in The World, you decide that your local town council is an annoying bunch of jerks, and you are going to speak up about it. You write a Letter to the Editor. Nothing changes, so you show up at the Town Council meeting and babble. Nothing changes, so you organize your neighbors to start a phone tree and get a group to show up with protest signs. Uh oh. You’re a dissenter. Dissenters have a special place in the heart of the Big Database in Utah.  They get stars added to their “Eyes On You” field. The local sheriff calls the local FBI, and your Star is Born.

The next thing you know, your son shows up at the airport to go to his big break job interview, and he finds out he’s on the No-fly list. He loses out on the job. Now he’s living in your house with no job, so you start making calls to complain about what happened. A second star goes on your record. A complainer. A dissenter. A person who doesn’t understand what “America: love it or leave it” means. Two stars on your record causes the local police to keep a watch.  Next thing you know, you’re driving home from the local pub  and you’re selected for a traffic stop. It turns out you passed the breathalyzer, because you were not drinking too much, but they post it in the local newspaper, because they got a “tip.” Now the town councilmen are whispering about the drunk who makes a fool of himself at the town meetings.  This really makes you angry. So you increase your dissension. You step it up. You call your Congressmen. You write letters and circulate petitions.

And now the Third Star goes into the database, and you are about to be an NSA Target.  Truth is, the NSA doesn’t actually care about you, but the job is big, so the NSA sent some SWAT gear to your local police department, and Jim Bob and Billy Ray are eager to find a reason to wear it.

The database is sifted. And with 3,000 or more federal laws on the books, some of which are secret laws you don’t even know about, something can be found. Should someone want to get you, you can be gotten. You know that’s how it is. You know that’s how people act. People get up in the  morning to go to work, and they do what their bosses want done. The FBI is supposed to catch Terrorists.  It turned out there weren’t any terrorists, so they had to create some. So they could get AttaBoys on their performance reports.  That’s how it is, said Walter Cronkite. The world turns this way, and people behave in predictable manners.

You’ve lived in the world long enough that you know that’s what people do.

That means, as long as there is a Big Database in Utah, there is a potential for Targeting the Innocent. One day a JackBoot dressed like a cross between a giant roach and a space alien bangs on your door, probably at 3 a.m. and drags you out of bed like we heard they did in Nazi Germany or the old Soviet Union. He is actually your local policeman, excited that he gets to wear that nifty new SWAT gear Homeland Security sent him. He shoots your dog, to prevent you from knowing he’s coming. Then he surprises you in bed, and scares your kids so they’ll need psychotherapists.  He drags you out into the night without your phone and wallet. Your wife finally finds a lawyer, who possibly ultimately gets all the charges dropped, maybe.  But that would be $200,000 later, after your house is re-mortgaged to pay him.  You can’t win, because the FBI combs the database looking for anything they can find to charge you, and they, too, have a 95% conviction rate. The database has everything in it about your life, for all time, at least back to the year 2001, and if somebody wants to find something in there, they can do it.  Didn’t you sign into Facebook with a fake name once?  By the time the year 2014 is over, chances are good that could be a federal crime.

Really, the FBI has a 95% conviction rate.  Because they are so careful about who they charge that they never charge anybody who isn’t guilty.   Wow.  That’s really strange, because on Law and Order, they lose all the time.  Oh, I guess that’s not the FBI show.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this explanation of why it is important that the police in the United States of America not become a military force who thinks the enemy is the American public.  I hope it helped to clear up how chillingly dangerous it is that this information has not been presented on MainStream Media news.  I hope you appreciate that paranoia is a helpful skill, when there is really somebody out to get you.

I hope somebody will show this blog to President Obama.  I don’t think anybody has ever explained it to him this way. At least, I hope he’s as clueless as Mom and Dad Normal.  God forbid he’s done this on purpose.

Of course, the fact that this statement made by Obama during his 2008 campaign, has now disappeared, along with his Change.org website, does not bode well for his integrity:

From Pres. Obama’s “ethics agenda” in 2008:

Protect Whistleblowers: Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism, which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars, should be encouraged rather than stifled. We need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance. Barack Obama will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government. Obama will ensure that federal agencies expedite the process for reviewing whistleblower claims and whistleblowers have full access to courts and due process.

Next blog: A different subject entirely: The Five Eyes Alliance, or Why Edward Snowden did not flee to Europe.



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  2. I have been following the events concerning Snowden-consider him a hero-but have friends who consider him a traitor. When I asked, “Why”, they told me that their safety and security from terrorists was now broken, that they didn’t mind giving up their freedom for their safety and security from terrorists. How sad that this thinking is NOT unusual; that this thinking is the result of MSM broadcasting and not supposition.
    There’s not much left to the guarantees listed in the Bill of Rights. Wonder how much longer when none are left?

    1. Sharron, I agree that the attitudes of most people are shaped by what is presented on MSM TV. When I heard Mika Brzezinsky on MSNBC say that Snowden was a traitor, I added MSNBC to the same category as Fox News; unreliable, not acceptable as a news source. (I know, I should have done it before then, but I liked Mika.)

      This loss of freedom started under Bush and the Patriot Act, but Obama has accelerated it dramatically, and with an obsessive vehemence. This is very disturbing, because those of us who actually worked to get Obama elected expected the exact opposite. We were fooled.

      I can now only vote Third Party candidates, or write-ins, for the future. I used to vote AGAINST the worst candidate, since I never could find anybody to vote for. Now I’ll have to vote against both parties.

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