How Mainstream Media Harms the American Voter #NSA

There’s been a lot of news about NSA surveillance, Snowden the spy/whistleblower hiding in the Moscow airport, and the Amash amendment defeated narrowly in the House. There hasn’t been a lot of news about the Bradley Manning trial, the imprisonment and recent release of journalist Shaye in Yemen, or the murder by drone of a 16-year-old American boy sitting with his teenage friends at a café. This is the stuff of a compelling spy-thriller novel, and it’s all playing out live! But all of this news has been presented in a fragmented way, in short sound bytes, on MainStreamMedia (MSM.)  The average American voter, and particularly the Baby Boomers, who are “offline-born,”  can’t put it all together to connect the dots. The average voter doesn’t know what a FISA court is, why it matters if the NSA knows who you call, or what is important about their local police department receiving a trailer-load full of military-style SWAT gear. (“Hey, look,” neighbor TommyRay of the local police says at the beer garden, “Feds sent us some new gear free.  It was a GRANT.”  “Good deal,” his buddies tell him.)

The regular, normal, working Mom and Dad don’t troll the Internet all day, working hard to understand the news.  Normal people are not journalists, and don’t keep up with the nuances of politics. Normal people have bills to pay, jobs to do, kids to tolerate, and a lot of crap that distracts their minds.  So they turn on the TV, in background while doing something else around the house, and they let CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News (the main grouping known as MSM) explain what’s happening in the world.  That’s THE world, not THEIR world.  The crap announced on MSM is more “entertainment news” than actual news. While both Russia and the U.S. are busily arming opposite sides in the conflict in Syria, MSM is babbling about some dumb SH*&( calling himself Carlos Danger and tweeting about his weiner. Mom and Dad, let’s call them “the Normals,” figure if anything truly important is going on, like an attractive and charming couple in London having a baby, MSM will inform them about it.  This attitude worked well for their parents and grandparents, when television news took itself seriously, and journalists were Thomas Paine’s Fourth Arm of government. Gramma and Grampa BabyBoomer grew up in a time when Walter Cronkite told America “the way it is,” and became the most trusted man in America. Mom and Dad Normal, you understand, are still offline-born, and they overwhelmingly still get their news from MSM. Regardless of the growth in YouTube downloads, most American voters still watch TV news.

Well, Mom and Dad Normal, TV news has gone under. Kaput. Gone, Down the Tube, Flushed. When you turn on that Boob Tube now, you are listening to what you used to call “KGB Propaganda.”  Back in the 50’s and early 60’s, you used to laugh at those pathetic Soviets, forced to hear nothing but propaganda on their television sets.  Back when you, as a kid, hid under your desk in elementary school, while the Air Raid sirens were tested, you laughed at those pathetic Soviets. KGB following them everywhere. Neighbors turning in neighbors to the police, kids reporting on parents, nothing but government propaganda on the news.  You laughed at it.

Now it’s you. Now somebody who exposes government corruption has to run FROM America TO Russia for asylum. Well, isn’t that an Oz-flavored flibberty-jibbet.

But you don’t have time or energy to care, do you? Because you don’t even know if you’re going to be able to retire, do you? And how are you, in your old age, going to move in with your kids, when your kids haven’t moved out from your house yet?

So what are you going to do about it? Hah? Hah?  You thought you already did do something about it. You thought when you threw off the bigoted chattels of yesteryear and elected Barack Obama as President of the United States, you were making a statement.  You thought when you checked his power by making sure the House Republicans were a majority, you fixed it. And now, MSM tells you, the President of the United States says you have nothing to worry about with this NSA surveillance thing. What do you care? You have nothing to hide.  You  just want to be safe.

That is why you bought that gun, isn’t it? To keep your family safe? It’s like an insurance policy. A lot of things in your world are uncertain.  Safety is desirable wherever you can find it.

So you let MSM be your lullaby, and you withdraw from THE world.

Next post tomorrow: What MSM isn’t telling you about NSA and your world


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