Hired guns coming to a backyard near you #NSA #Mercenary

Masked militia  This masked man is part of a new kind of mercenary. Hired by companies to kill (?)  or at least intimidate, anyone who wants to protest their activities. This particular one, as described in this Mother Jones article by Kate Sheppard, 
is guarding a taconite mine in Wisconsin.  Taconite is a type of iron ore suspected of causing harm similar to asbestos. It was formerly considered too expensive to mine extensively, but recent developments in gas fracking have made it commercially viable.  Image courtesy of Jim Limbaugh. Read the article on Blue Cheddar.
The name of the mining company is Gogebic Taconite. It is a subsidiary of the Cline Group.
I suppose it is possible that men dressed like this are not authorized to kill the U.S. citizens who are attempting to protest this activity peacefully.  But one would think that accidents can happen when you carry an assault weapon and wear paramilitary SWAT gear. 

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