News isn’t what it used to be. Even knowing that makes me old.

News isn’t what it used to be.  I guess, even knowing that news isn’t what it used to be labels me as old.

In the old days, when you turned on the “news,” there was an expectation that this would be unbiased. There was an assumption that the selections made for the evening TV news had deep thought behind them.  Walter Cronkite (I’ve heard.  I’m not THAT old to have remembered him.) made the selections of what we would learn, I’m told.

But now, the new is a free-for-all.  We get whatever news we have selected in our Google News feed, based on our prior identification of topics that interest us.  It doesn’t matter what news has been selected for the front page of the Washington Post, or the New York Times, or the Copper Hollow Mercury.  Because we get our news from Jon Stewart, or CNN, or MSNBC, or Fox.  That way we can get the news in any flavor we choose: moderate, liberal, or neo-con.  Don’t like those flavors? Design your own, on Internet news sites.

As a result, most of us choose to hear what Lindsay Lohen or Kim Kardashian are doing.  We could care less what John Kerry and Hamid Karzai are doing.

Karzai and Kerry were going to have a discussion with the Taliban, you say?  Really?  But it isn’t working out, because the Taliban put up a sign on their door that sounded like they were calling themselves the Government of Afghanistan?  And that make Karzai mad, so he pulled out?  And then Kerry told Karzai it’s okay, they took the sign down?  But they didn’t really take it down, they just lowered it so it couldn’t be seen from the air?

What?  Huh?

And then some prisoner, who is an American, has been held by the Taliban for five years, and they said they would release him, in return for five prisoners we’ve held in Guantanamo for ten years, but don’t have anything on, but we ignored them?

And Michael Hastings, a young journalist, who got around and did some very skillful journalistic damage,  was killed in a one-car crash that a witness described as a car bursting into fire, all by itself?

And Edward Snowden said the NSA is doing bad stuff, but the President and the NSA said, nah, it wasn’t all that bad, but if it wasn’t all that bad, then why would they bother chasing him?

Too much news, and none of it beamed into my living room on cable tv.  I have to consider this.


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